Acoustic guitar

It doesn’t matter if you have bought your acoustic guitar online and it is the shit, with a name like Maton and has all the best woods to get that great sound or you have picked up a beaten old instrument from the garage sale down the road if you are not an artist then you cannot be a proper guitarist. Sure you might know where to place your fingers and know how to keep in time with the beat but what you are lacking is the intuitive knowledge that makes a real musician shine and come alive on stage or in a shed out the back of mum’s house. To buy focusrite studio recording equipment, just click the hyperlink provided.
A guitarist may even become famous because they are so technically perfect but what they won’t become is legendary, that is what a guitar artist will achieve, the leap from excellent to superb and beyond. They can create a different world for audiences just by strumming a few strings and taking them on a musical journey, one which when they come back they are altered in some infinitesimal way, it can make them see their life in a brand new way.
This is the miracle of music, of any type of artist, they can take you away from yourself and bring you back changed, the mere playing of music can do this and it doesn’t matter if you are a complete shit instrumentalist, if you like to have a fiddle around with the strings, it brings you joy and relaxes you then you can go right ahead and keep playing. If fame and fortune are not your main aim and you simply enjoy the feel of playing a guitar, then there is no conceivable reason for you not to do so. That is of course if you have a sound proof room and your parents or partner don’t threaten to kill you with the nearest deadly object, or are talking about making a bonfire and it is a choice between you or the guitar in the flames. In this scenario it may be best to find somewhere else to make your special brand of sound, preferably a basement or bomb shelter away from the sensibilities of the entire human race but don’t let them stop you.
A guitar can be a companion and many musicians treat their instrument like a girlfriend and in some cases better than they would a human girl, they give it a name, protect it from harm and keep it safe at all costs. They will polish the body and clean the frets, meanwhile the girl is left on the sidelines watching the instrument get more foreplay than she can get in a month, no wonder there are so many guitar smashing incidents or guitar homicide as some may call it. Girls who feel the rage of jealousy overcome their fragile emotions and have to destroy the object of fascination, in the musician’s case it is a set of strings, a Blackwood neck and a spruce face.