Caught On Film – Corporate Moments

Being a corporate event organiser is no easy task. There are a million and one details to look into prior to the event itself. The food, the venue and the theme should be in keeping with client’s desires. At the same time, it is every event organiser’s wish that guests actually enjoy themselves during the event. That is normally the barometer of success for any modern corporate event as these have the tendency to be slightly one sided and bland as everyone is on their best behaviour simply because it is considered a work activity. After all, most of the time, guests are there because they are required to by the instructions of their superiors. However, there is one great way in which the event organiser can incorporate a sense of fun into the event – this is simply done by having a corporate photo booth on site.
Unless it is an extremely serious event with strict guidelines on protocol, the photo booth for hire would be an instant hit with guests. Watch as Bob from Accounts – who is normally so dull in his number crunching world – becomes the life of the photo booth once he dons on the myriad of props available for selection. Department colleagues can colour coordinate and come up with variations on the poses for each photograph. The best thing is that the photos can be developed on site and handed over to the guests before the party is over. Search on the internet to find and book photo booths with soft portrait lighting system in Brisbane, Melbourne and all over Australia for very affordable prices. This is definitely one marvellous idea for incorporating some fun into the proceedings. The corporate photo booth is extremely suitable for all types of office events – from parties, to awards ceremonies, to annual dinners.
The photo booth is also a handy marketing tool for corporate events where the guests are clients, suppliers or potential customers. The theme of the photo booth can very well be related to the nature of business of the organisation and props can also carry the logo and name of the company hosting the event. This way, guests will be given a photograph that captures the brand instead of just a simple background. This is actually a good way to enhance brand awareness and utilise the door gift – in the guise of a photograph – as a handy marketing tool. Guests will enjoy given mementoes of themselves in happy situations while the business is able to get its brand name out there.
The photo booth is definitely not a new idea but for any corporate event organiser or marketing guru worth his or her salt, the possibilities are endless. Whether it is just for a simple night of fun with other team members or a marketing tool that can be given out to guests, the corporate photo booth definitely promises many fun filled moments that will last throughout the night.